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Expert Pool

The aim here, is to establish a pool of experts on sustainability measures in clubs, whilst further developing the Code of Conduct together and building a network of relevant contacts within the green club space for special initiatives. Signatories are encouraged to nominate themselves (or a person from their team) for this pool in order to remain up-to-date, and, upon request, to receive support and guidance from clubliebe e.V. In addition to club employees, environmental associations, clubs and institutions, as well as green companies, will also be represented. Therefore, the person nominated for this pool of experts should be willing to be contacted via email.

The club scene is, in and of itself, a creative pioneer—a more environmentally friendly club scene can provide impetus and inspiration for rethinking the standard approach in other areas. In addition to clubs, many other actors are involved in night culture. Therefore, it is our goal in the future to see an expansion of the CoC for bars, Spätis (late-night convenient stores), festivals, open air venues, etc.


In addition to implementing actions in order to achieve the agreed goals, there is also the possibility to actively participate in the green club culture roundtables.

The next round table will take place on 29/09/2021. Get more Information here:

Energy Consultation

The Clubs that have signed the Code of Conduct are offered a club-specific energy consultation. The consultation is accompanied by Clubliebe e.V. and BUND Berlin e.V. Further information about the energy consultaion here: