Code of Conduct introduced

The Code of Conduct was officially presented on 1 September at a festive and informative launch event at the Berlin club Salon zur wilden Renate.

“From the scene for the scene – the Code of Conduct is a collective “bottom up” initiative for more sustainability in our club culture. Sustainability concepts work best when those involved participate with conviction and passion – and that is the case here,” says Hanna Mauksch, project coordinator of Clubtopia. “With the Code of Conduct, we want to get a ball rolling and motivate clubs, guests and the entire event sector to be more sustainable. Every club that takes part counts!”

Angela Volz, operator of Rummels Bucht, adds: “The climate crisis demands immediate action. Berlin’s clubs also feel this responsibility. As cultural workers, we club players are therefore using our creativity for climate protection. Together, we are making the club scene a creative pioneer of the sustainable change we so urgently need.”

“As a queer, emancipatory club, we are particularly pleased that social sustainability is also taken into account in the Code of Conduct,” explains Marcel Weber, Managing Director of SchwuZ. “The Code of Conduct is a holistic sustainability concept and unique in the club scene.”

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