Target agreements

These goals are the basis of the Code of Conduct. They were developed jointly and are considered mandatory.

You can download the current Code of Conduct „Celebrating the future!“ here:


Target K: Communication

Goal K1: Sustainability concept

We will pursue a sustainability concept that is club- or event-specific.

The Code of Conduct can be used as a sustainability concept, or as a reference to one. Depending on the club, further action areas can be added. The Code of Conduct was designed in such a way, that it allows us to contribute to effective climate protection in the club and sustainable change in society, achieving the goals outlined within, in the most efficient way possible.

Goal K2: External communication

We will create a concept for our sustainability communication in order to ensure we are engaged, involved, and committed to a sustainable club scene…and prepared to talk about it.

This concept includes all the steps and actions we are going to take in order to communicate our sustainable commitment to the outside world. We will list all activities and channels that involve our employees, guests, suppliers and other stakeholders from our community (neighborhood, politics, etc.).

Goal K3: Internal communication

We will put together a sustainability team that is committed to implementing the sustainability goals.

In order to fulfill this function, the person responsible for this (or a team consisting of several people) prepares an internally agreed timeline, complete with milestones and budget allocation, outlining who has the authority to make decisions or initiate the decision-making process. The responsible person (or team) can change at any time, as long as it agreed up-front. It may also be worth considering whether or not a “sustainability role” needs to be filled in this instance, to diffuse the responsibility of individuals.

Target E: Energy

Goal E1: Green electricity

We will purchase green electricity from an electricity provider that meets the standards of the Grüner Strom or OK Power Plus label.

If, due to contractual or rental conditions, an immediate change of electricity provider is not possible, we agree to switch providers at the earliest possible opportunity. For a club, switching to certified green electricity is the most efficient climate protection measure available.

Goal E2: Lighting

When selecting lighting, we will take energy efficiency into account.

When purchasing new lighting fixtures, we will choose the most energy-efficient technology with the lowest levels of toxic materials/pollutants. We will immediately replace less efficient light sources (incandescent bulbs/halogen and older fluorescent bulbs), with more efficient alternatives. In addition, we will train our employees (technicians, bar and cleaning staff) on how to use lighting in an environmentally friendly way. And last, but not least, we will be sure to dispose of old lamps/bulbs responsibly.

Goal E3: Refrigeration technology

We will either operate refrigeration equipment with the best energy efficiency class, or we will optimize the operation of our existing equipment. Only refrigerators that can no longer be optimized, will be disposed of.

We will contact our beverage suppliers to get them on-board, and work towards a similar replacement/optimization solution together. We will adjust our cooling capacity so that only the necessary amount of refrigeration is being used, and will avoid/minimize drastic temperature differences, to help save energy (e.g., gentler cooling curves). Old and unused refrigeration equipment will be disposed of in a professional and environmentally friendly manner, and our employees will be regularly trained in the energy-saving use of refrigeration equipment.

Goal E4: Insulation and heating

We will heat the premises in an energy-efficient, climate-friendly and demand-oriented manner.

We will continuously record our energy consumption for heating and identify potential savings. We will implement energy-saving heating measures and reduce our heating energy consumption by at least 10% per year. When feasible, simple insulation measures (such as checking all doors and windows to eliminate drafts), will be implemented immediately.

Goal E5: Indoor climate control

We will cool the premises in an energy-efficient, climate-friendly and demand-oriented manner.

This includes the energy-efficient use and maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation systems or manual ventilation using windows and doors. We will continuously monitor and record energy consumption of the air conditioning/ventilation system in order to implement energy-saving measures and reduce our consumption by at least 10% per year. We will regularly train our employees in the efficient use of air conditioning and ventilation systems.

Target R: Resources

Goal R1: Clean water

We will conduct ourselves, and operate our club, in a manner that reflects our commitment to water preservation. Moving forward, we will only purchase and use cleaning products and textiles that are free from microplastics and other chemicals that are harmful to people and the environment.

In doing so, we avoid contaminating the water due to chemicals and microplastics released during washing. We will regularly conduct internal trainings on environmentally friendly cleaning, involving not only our cleaning team, but purchasing and bar staff as well.

Goal R2: Save water

Water is a precious resource and should be used with care. We will drastically reduce our water use by as much as possible (up to 40%, depending on the situation).

We will implement measures to reduce water consumption at all sinks and toilets, and in the bar area. We will use drinking water only where absolutely necessary, and explore other sources/alternatives (e.g., rainwater harvesting to support climate change adaptation).

Goal R3: Tap water

We will promote the consumption of tap water as a climate- and resource-friendly alternative to bottled and packaged water.

We recognize water as a human right and a public commodity.

Target A: Waste

Goal A1: Waste separation

We are introducing a waste separation system with immediate effect, which will be implemented in all areas of the club. This will reduce our residual waste by 50%. In addition, we are developing a zero-waste mission statement with our team.

We will have separate containers for paper, packaging (Wertstoff), organic waste (BioGut), glass, and residual waste. We are also implementing measures to avoid waste all together.

Goal A2: Reusables instead of single-use

We will use reusables instead of single-use items in our bar operations.

Moving forward, guests will only receive drinks and food served in reusable dishes and glasses, along with reusable utensils.

Goal A3: Built to last

We will factor in reparability and durability before making a new purchase.

Before making any purchase, we will first determine the extent to which existing items can be used, repaired and/or borrowed. If we purchase something new, we will ensure that environmental standards (such as those of Blue Angel) are adhered to. We will also do due diligence, checking to ensure that the products can be responsibly recycled/disposed of after use. All old equipment (including small appliances) will be disposed of correctly.

Target M: Mobility

Goal M1: Guest mobility

We will encourage our guests to travel in an environmentally friendly manner. In all communication channels, we will focus our communication primarily/exclusively on environmentally friendly travel options, such as public transport or bicycles.

We will support the environmentally friendly travel of our guests with further communication and incentives, regularly asking them about their mobility behaviors, in order to provide optimal support.

Goal M2: Logistics

We will record our transport-related CO2 emissions from our own transport journeys, and, if possible, CO2 emissions of our deliveries.

We will reduce our logistics-related emissions by 10% per year.

Goal M3: Booking

We will record CO2 emissions as a result of artists’ travel.

We will reduce these emissions by 10% per year, compensating as generously, and as locally, as possible.

Target C: Compensation

Goal C1: Avoid and reduce

We agree that avoiding greenhouse gas emissions locally by implementing climate-friendly alternatives is preferable to offsetting global emissions.

If avoidance is not possible/efficient on a permanent basis, we will do everything within our power to consciously reduce our CO2 emissions, in particular, by increasing energy efficiency and/or changing our energy sources.

Goal C2: Compensate

If it is not possible to avoid or reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we will generously calculate the amount emitted and compensate for it.

When offsetting, we will take care to find suitable providers who can provide us with the ‘Gold Standard’ when it comes to compensation projects –offsetting emissions as locally (in the immediate region of the club/event), efficiently (direct, with a timely turnaround and ample safety buffer), and transparently (clear visibility of the projects being invested in), as possible.

Target S: Social aspects

Goal S1: Raising Awareness

We will discuss as a team, what “being more aware” means to us and how we can achieve it.

We will create an internal concept, outlining who the contact persons are for awareness topics during club operations, and will provide our guests with an anonymous feedback option, in order to gather additional insight on various awareness topics.

Goal S2: Fewer inequalities

Through our club and/or event operations, we will support the pursuit of fewer inequalities in our society.

We take into account social aspects such as reducing poverty, promoting accessibility, strengthening diversity among club guests and staff, gender equality, and combating racism.

Goal S3: Championing education

We will share responsibility for the well-being of our guests and employees.

Providing training and educational opportunities pro-actively, helps us to address a range of issues—from climate protection to drug use. We will provide education free of charge and will also offer our venue as a learning and knowledge platform.

Target N: Nature conservation

If applicable, we will contribute to local (and therefore, global) nature conservation.

We will utilize our club areas and buildings to enable nature conservation measures. We will inform ourselves about the options available to us on a local and global scale, implementing those that are relevant for us.