Code of Conduct

The code of conduct is a sustaianble strategy for clubs. It aims to implement effective and socially responsible climate protection meausurements successfully.

Click here to download a short version of the Code of Conduct.

Berlin club operators and event organizers have been meeting regularly since March 2019 to jointly develop the contents of the Code of Conduct (CoC). By signing the CoC, club operators, cultural professionals, and event organizers commit themselves to adhering to selected goals that contribute to making club culture (more) sustainable, with a special focus on climate protection.

The roundtables are part of the Clubtopia project, which is dedicated to climate and environmental protection within the club scene. Clubtopia is a cooperation between BUND Berlin e.V. and clubliebe e.V., as well as the Clubcommission Berlin, and is funded by the Senate Department for Urban Mobility, Transport, Climate Action and the Environment. This project is also supported by Livekomm.

Our Vision

Together, we want to change the club landscape to be sustainable and climate-friendly.

In the future, our clubs and events should protect the climate and preserve natural resources for future generations. Long-term economic action, ethically correct behavior, and consideration of the common good form the foundations of our drive to increase sustainability.

For us, “Celebrating the future!” means aligning our own behavior in the club landscape with a climate- friendly and sustainable approach, taking into account the economic and social components. In addition, we communicate our actions to the outside world and advocate for far-reaching, sustainable change in society.

Our common goal is to create clubs and events that respect the limits of our planet and use natural resources responsibly, keeping future generations top of mind. In order for this to happen, social justice and fair economic viability must also be considered.